Sunday, August 1, 2010

needing your prayers

Just got done talking to Hope's nurse. They took an xray of her bowels again tonight and nothing has changed. They are still very concerned about her bowels because of the air in them. The doctor is requesting a surgeon consult in the morning. The nurse is under the impression that this will now take precedence over the valve/lung issue and will need to be addressed first. Please pray tonight that the bowels will clear and she will poop on her own. We know God is capable of this and we're asking that He intervenes. Another concern is that Hope is now not peeing much. Please pray that God resolves this also. She is, however, kicking the infection and is down a little on her ventilator settings. They keep telling us that she seems stable. Thank you, Lord, for these things.

Other news...Mike and the kids went home today. I have not been doing well mentally and emotionally, so my mom has decided to stay up here with me this week. It's going to be really hard to have our family separated for a period of months. Please pray for all of us, including the kids. They're having a hard time too.

Thanks so much for continuing to lift us all up in prayer. It is appreciated more than you know.

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