Sunday, March 6, 2011

Big Week

For those who haven't heard, Hope got her broviac out on Tuesday. Hooray! Now she can have some tummy time. She can also have a bath. I gave her her first real bath this morning and she liked it. It was long over-due. Then we got all dressed up and took her to church. We went late, sat in the back, and left early, but we went. I'd like to point out the lovely outfit that she wore this morning. Someone from our friends' church, who wishes to remain anonymous, made this for her. Isn't it darling? It made a perfect outfit for her first time at church. Thank you, whoever you are! Lastly, I just wanted to point out the picture of her staring at Nate. Boy is she taken with him! She kept reaching up to touch his face, though of course I didn't capture any of that. She talks to him all the time and I think he's probably her favorite person. It's very cute.