Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Super Duper Pooper! :)

She's pooping! All the time now she's pooping. They did another xray this afternoon and the bowel sugeon came to look at it. It still shows some areas that are dilated and there's still a little stuff in there, but he is confident this was what she needed and it is getting resolved. Thank you, Jesus! I had my checkup this morning and was able to see the doctor that delivered Hope. She asked how Hope was doing and I was able to tell her. The doctors had done an ultrasound of her brain because there could be bleeding. We prayed - no bleeding. They said her kidneys weren't working well. We prayed - her kidneys started working. They said she had an infection. We prayed - she knocked the infection. They said she would probably need surgery to fix her valve. We prayed - the valve closed. They thought she might need surgery on her bowels. We prayed - she got an enema and now she's pooping. The doctor was really smiling as I told her all the ways God has been watching over my little girl. It is pretty amazing as I look back over it all. Oh, and she is doing well also on the steroids. They have turned her vent down again this afternoon. I have spent so much time worrying lately, but really, God has proven over and over and over how he has his hand on my Hope. Thank you, Lord! And thank you, all our praying friends. God definitely listens to his people.


  1. Wonderful news! Wow, that is quite a list of answered prayers. Good thing to have around... whip it out when you're feeling discouraged. :)

  2. That is so awesome. Thanks for sharing!

  3. What good news!!! Thank you Jesus for your guidance and wisdom to the doctors and protection of Hope ... will continue to lift her up in prayer!