Saturday, August 21, 2010

The sweetest thing

Before I start in about the picture, I'm just going to update on Hope. I talked to her doctor just a little bit ago and she is doing well. Her CO2 levels look better on the, boy I don't have a clue how to spell it but it sounds like sigh pap. This is like the cpap but it actually gives her breaths, if I'm understanding correctly. She also had a big poop during the night, though she is needing glycerin every 12 hours. Her belly is still distended because "she needs to start pooping and farting". Doctor's words. I've never prayed for anyone to fart before, but I guess there's a first time for everything. But overall, things are looking good and she's weighing in at 2 lbs even as of last night.

Now, about the picture. This darling hand-made outfit showed up in the mail from "Carolyn". Is it not the sweetest thing? It is just the right size for Hope, which if you can't tell how big that is, look at my cell phone in the corner of the picture. I've taken it in to the NICU so that everyone there could ooooh and aaaaah about it. I've pretty much showed it off to everyone I talk to. I love it! So Carolyn, thank you! I am so touched that you would make this for my baby girl.


  1. Are you going to dress her in those? I would love to see her wearing them. Except I don't know if she can wear them with her tubes and stuff.

  2. At this point she has too many tubes hooked up to her. If she can still fit in them by the time she gets unplugged, I will definitely put them on and take pics.