Thursday, August 5, 2010

How I Like To Start My Day

I just got a call from Dr. Barsotti. He said things are looking great. Her bowels are not quite back to normal, but they are looking much, much better. He is going to try to take the tube out of her stomach in a day or so. This is the tube that sucks the air out of her tummy. If she still looks like she's doing okay, he will start feeding her by the end of the weekend. H e said her lungs still look "lousy", but they are really working on weening her off the ventilator. His goal is to have her back to the cpap in a couple of days. He is going to start kangaroo care for us as soon as possible because he thinks that will really help me with my state of mind. This is the first day that they haven't listed off something as a major concern. Yay! In fact, at one point Dr.Barsotti mentioned that "This is how we like things to work. Your daughter must have read the book too, because she's gotten on board and is cooperating." Good girl, Hope! God has been good to us.

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