Thursday, August 19, 2010

Purple pacifier

Not a whole lot to report again today. Hope's CO2 levels were a little high this morning, so they're doing more breathing treatments with her. But the doctor said it wasn't anything to worry about. Still, she didn't let me do kangaroo care today. She said we'll evaluate every day to see, so hopefully I'll get to hold her tomorrow. They are still just giving her 1 ml of milk every 4 hours. Please pray that they can up that soon and she can start gaining weight. She had gotten up to 2 lbs but then dropped back to 1 lb 12 oz. Tonight she is back up to 1 lb 14 oz. I really am getting anxious for her to start gaining. While I was there at her noon care time, her nurse had me help wipe out her mouth with Q-tips. She was sucking at them, so the nurse went and got her a pacifier. It looks huge on her face, but trust me, it is tiny. I was looking at the 0-3 month pacifiers tonight at the store and they looked huge by comparison. Hope really liked her pacifier.


  1. Her precious little hands are so beautiful with minuscule fingernails. Wow. Thank you so much for taking time to update and post pictures. We're still praying for Hope, for you, for the family. God bless. :)

  2. Absolutely beautiful!! Thanks for sharing your little miracle with us!! Prayers for all of you everyday!!
    Nurse Kellie

  3. Very cute picture of her with her paci.