Sunday, August 8, 2010

They're feeding my baby!

I guess I must have some of my mother in me after all, because it has really been bothering me that they haven't fed my baby for over 3 weeks. I am so excited that they're feeding her now! Yippee! So it's only 1 cc every 6 hours, it's a start. I don't know when they gave her that first dose, but so far so good. And this morning at 6 when I talked to the nurse she said her blood gases weren't that good. She was thinking that valve might be open again. She talked to me for a while about that surgery they do to fix it, and really it doesn't sound that awful. It is done right there in the NICU and it takes about 30-45 minutes. I still don't want her to have it, but I guess it's okay if she needs it. However, when I just talked to this nurse a few minutes ago, she said they'd retested her blood gases and they were much better. Thank you, Jesus! Oh, I so hope we're turning a corner and every day is not a new crisis. I'm ready for some days without drama.

And as for the rest of the family....many of you know that Mike and the kids had come up on Friday evening. When we woke up on Saturday, Andy was running a fever so Mike and the kids headed back to Moscow. Very disappointing for all of us. So far no one else is sick, though. And Andy is seeming better already. Please just pray that God would protect our family from illness and give us wisdom about visiting each other and Hope in the NICU.

Okay, I just got a call from the doctor while I was typing this. She was warning me that Hope might not take to the breastmilk right away. She said she would actually be surprised if it didn't come back up on the first time, and that I shouldn't get discouraged. Nice to know, but I'm still praying it goes well and they can start upping her amounts. She also told me that if I haven't come down with something by Tuesday morning, I should be fine to come to the NICU again. Actually she told me that I could wear a gown and mask and come in anyways, but I think I'd worry too much. So Tuesday I will go see Hope again, assuming I'm not sick. Oh, I just feel so relieved today. Thank you, God, for a break today. I've been needing it. I'm just going to leave you with one of my new favorite verses.

He tends his flock like a shepherd:
He gathers the lambs in his arms
and carries them close to his heart;
he gently leads those that have young.

Isaiah 40:11

PS Thanks to everyone for praying for us this morning.


  1. Tiny steps- everything is going to be taken in tiny steps : )

    We will all continue to pray for you and the rest of your family. Love the comment about you having your Mom in you - she does love to feed all her children, grandchildren, and pets! She is so awesome!!

    I bet you can't wait til Tuesday morning!!! Your Mom said that Hope opens her eyes when she hears your voice. Maybe you could record yourself singing or reading to her for the times you can't be there?

    Things are getting better day by day! Stay positive & strong. We will be praying. We love you!

  2. Good news! Hang in there, enjoy your break. Hope is in really good hands. It's so amazing to me that she has made it this far and is doing so well, when I think of that awful day we were expecting to lose her. God is so good. That verse is a good one. Isaiah 40 has always been one of my favorite chapters when I need encouragement. Have a wonderful day!