Saturday, July 31, 2010

the report

Well we heard from the nurse , the xray showed some small improvement but her blood gasses were not that great so they have turned up the O2 . So the plan is to wait and see. Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers. i Have been thinking over the past few weeks about all the ways God has taken care of us and I thought I would share a few of the big and the small. First the big , the house the Lord has provided is perfect its quite and just the right size for our family. Also the couple that owns the house had some of the people from there church stock the fridge and the cupboards, what a blessing. They have also setup meals from another ministry , this will make it so easy on Amy while I am not there. Now the small which seems to me to be the most special , because of the way God tends to are needs no matter how large or small . Here is a small example , I needed to get a rechargeable camera battery the friends that had loaded us there's were going on vacation and need it back. So we went looking for one , no one carried the chargers for that model anymore so after a few stores I was walking out the door and saw the charger on the clearance rack for 4 dollars , I know its small and means nothing but I believe that God provided it . He is so good to us , what a God we serve that He would think of that . As a I was writing a big blessing just happened . A ministry call Micah House just deliver a huge amount of food , what a great GOD we serve. So if anyone would like to help this ministry here is there website you all so much Love Mike

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