Tuesday, August 17, 2010

So my conversation with the doctor was really short today. "Hope is doing beautifully. She's a new girl since her surgery." That's what I like to hear. I also found out that the ultrasound they did of her head yesterday looked good - no bleeding. Thank you, Jesus! It's so nice to have a break from the terrifying reports. Oh, and I found out that they're already upping her feeds to 1 ml every 4 hours. Yay! Please pray that all goes well and they can really take off with feeding her. I am so anxious for her to start chunking up.

While I was there today Hope was expressing opinion. She did not like the nurse shoving the feeding tube down her throat. She was hacking and furrowing her brow something awful. But the nurse prevailed.....or so she thought. She walked off to work with another baby and I sat there holding Hope's hand. I was watching her and she started really working her tongue around. Next thing I know, she'd pushed quite a length of that tubing back out. The nurse just sighed in exasperation and decided to leave it be for the time. I think she might wind up being a little feisty.

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