Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I apparently misunderstood the doctor yesterday. They are not giving Hope an extra 1/2 ml every 12 hours. They are increasing her feedings by 1/2 ml every 12 hours. So right now Hope is getting 2.5 mls every 3 hours. At midnight they will start giving her 3 mls every 3 hours and by noon tomorrow she will be getting 3.5 mls every 3 hours. They are trying to work up to full feeds so that they can stop the IV. I asked what would constitute "full feeds" for Hope right now. The nurse said she should be getting 15 mls every 3 hours. So we have a ways to go, but she's getting there. She has some catching up to do. The doctor told me this morning that she should be weighing about 1500 grams at this point and she's only weighing in around 900. C'mon Hope! Let's start packing it on. But she's doing well otherwise and tolerating her nasal cannula well. Mike is going up to see her this evening and will get to do kangaroo care with her. Hopefully he'll get some pictures that we can post.

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