Thursday, October 7, 2010

Super Big

I am now the mother of a 4 pounder. How exciting is that?! I can't believe we've made it so far. Woo hoo! Hope is now 1850 grams, or 4 lbs 1 oz. The nurse said that she's going to monitor her temperature tonight, and if it looks like she can hold her body temp stable, she'll put her into a crib. I'm anxious to go in and see her tomorrow morning.

Hope also hit another milestone today. She took her milk out of a nipple. I would say they bottle-fed her, but there wasn't actually a bottle. She was only getting 1.5 ml, so the nurse just put it into a nipple and had me feed her that way. She did pretty good. There was a little that ran out of her mouth, but she did fine for a first try. The nurses must have thought so too, because the nurse who's on tonight is planning on feeding her that way again. And starting at midnight, she'll go up to 2 ml at each feeding. The plan is to add on an additional half ml every 12 hours. So by midnight tomorrow she should be up to 3 ml per feed. Oh, it's so exciting to be making progress!

I'm going to ask for prayer tonight, though, for my Mary-girl. She's been having a rough time lately and is crying because she misses me. It breaks my heart. By the time I see the big kids this weekend it will have been 4 weeks. And the kids still aren't totally over their colds, though they are past the worst of it. So I think we're just going to get together for the day on Saturday and go to Green Bluff. I might need to sit out from visiting Hope for a couple days just to make sure I'm not sick, but I can't stay away from my other kids any longer. Please pray that everyone is feeling better by Saturday and that I don't get sick. This being apart is hard!


  1. Hi Amy,
    I have been feeling bad that I haven't been able to make it up to the hospital to see you and Hope again but for the last 3 weekends we have been in Seattle at Children's hospital for me and also celebrating my brothers engagement. Once I get home from those trips it takes me a few days to recover and by the time that happens we are on the road again. This weekend is the wedding and then we get a week off before we have to head back to the hospital again SO :), I hope we can make it up late next week.
    How exciting that Hope is now up to 4 pounds and will soon be moving to a crib. I am looking forward to being able too see her sweet face again. Baby steps (no pun intended!)
    We will be really praying for what is going on with your other kids. I know this is so tough on them being away from their mom and certainly it is rough on you and your husband as well. I very much believe that God does not allow our suffering to ever go to waste although that can be hard to really believe when you are going through suffering - so I hold tightly to the fact that He knows we are human. One of my favorite writers and even theologians is Joni Earickson Tada. She has suffered greatly being a quadriplegic and now having breast cancer and God has given her some incredible insights on the possibilities why He allows suffering in the lives of his children. I would encourage you, when you have a chance, to look at some things she has to say on her blog. It is amazing and definitely meat to chew on!
    Her writings have given me so much encouragement in my life and I love to pass on what she has said. Morna too has some wonderful things to say about how God has worked in her life and the lives of her family and I hope the two of you have had a chance to have some deep conversations. How wonderful that God led you to stay in that home! He is good all the time even when we can not see it.
    Big hugs to you and yours and I hope we can see each other again soon

  2. Thank you Danette! I will definitely look at Joni's blog. And I look forward to seeing you soon so you can fill me in on your trips.