Sunday, October 31, 2010

But she has great socks

This is pretty much what Hope did all day. She is still drugged up, though they are weening her down on her pain meds and on her ventilator settings. She did open her eyes some this afternoon - they even seemed to focus a couple of times. She hasn't had any morphine since this morning so she's starting to wake up after her 3 day nap. Her belly, which was an "angry red" a couple of days ago, has gotten much better. She's not having near as many desats today, and those she has had have been much shorter. So overall I'd say we're past the worst of it. I can't wait until we start losing some of these wires and I can dress her again. For the time being she'll just wear socks. :)

Mike and the boys came up on Friday to join us, which was really nice. Everyone got to see Hope again finally. The boys even got to rub her fuzzy little head. The whole family is excited to get her home.

The kids were also really excited to discover a present left in Hope's room for all of us. It had everything from card games and books to snack mix and chocolate. Esther and Danette, you ladies are wonderful!

Thanks to all of you who have prayed for this little squirt. It has sure made a difference.

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