Sunday, October 10, 2010

Comes by it honest

Our little girl likes to eat. She is doing really well at her bottle feedings. Starting at midnight, she will be getting 6 ml every 3 hours. She will go up by 1 ml every 12 hours, so by noon tomorrow she'll be at 7. I was pretty excited that things were moving so quickly until I talked to the nurse tonight. I asked what "full feeds" would be for her. At this point, she should be getting 36 ml every 3 hours. Oh. We still have a ways to go. But she is gaining weight and is up to 1960 grams, or 4 lb. 5 oz.

We do still need your prayers though. She is fighting some sort of infection and they can't figure out what it is. They are doing blood cultures, as well as a stool culture, but won't have results for a couple of days. In the meantime she is on 2 antibiotics and something for yeast infections. They want to start fighting on all fronts until they figure out what's going on. Please pray that it's nothing with her gut. They did an xray today and it looked fine, plus she's being pretty active. She did have a bunch of apnea this morning though. Please just ask God to let this not be something serious. Thanks.


  1. Dear sweet friends
    I'm praying for you and all your babies. I will be praying about that infection as well. They did not know until about two days after Lillian's passing that it was pseudomonas aeruginosa bacteria, a bacteria that normally resides in the gut and is held in check by one's own immune system. Lillian did not have an immune system because she was on Chemo. You may have them check for that-from what I understand it just takes time. God is doing some amazing work in your lives and I'm praying that the continuance of His mighty work brings you all together safe and health under one roof. Being away from your family is very stressful and you do not know the ramifications of the impact until that impact has been done. I'm praying for you on that as well. God bless ya'll

  2. Hello Amy!
    Your family is so beautiful, and I must admit I am teary eyed as I read how big Hope is! We have been praying for her everyday and continue to pray for you as well. I am sure it must be so hard to be away from everyone. Life seems so hard right after having a baby that is healthy let alone the long months you have been through! I am so glad you can trust in our awesome God, and depend on your family in Christ! Please E-mail me or call me anytime, especially if Mike and the children need anything at all.
    By the way your Boys and Mary are BEAUTIFUL!
    Love to you all,
    Liz Boyd and Boys