Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Baby Aerobics

Hope was being pretty active this afternoon. She was also very intent on sucking her thumb. She got it a couple of times too. Her feeds are going well. She is up to 1 ml every 4 hours now and they intend to bump it up to 1 every 3 tomorrow. The one video is of the nurse giving her dinner. She squirts the milk out of a syringe into the tube that goes down her nose and into her tummy. Yum!

I just called her nurse and she gained 5 grams today. Not much, but still working in the right direction. The nurse also told me that she was sucking her thumb again.


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  2. What a beautiful sight to see! God Bless!

    (sorry for the deleted comment. Posted before I was finished)

  3. Love the videos! She is so cute!