Saturday, October 23, 2010


Hope had a busy day. Do you notice anything missing from her face? If you said "cannula" you'd be right. She was taken off of it again this morning and again she lasted for 4-5 hours before they had to put it back on. She'll get there soon. She had to have her bag changed twice today because it was leaking. She got a bath after the first one. She wasn't terribly thrilled, as you can see, but it needed to be done. The reason her bag isn't staying put anymore is that she has gotten an awful-looking hernia that makes her belly all lumpy. They aren't worried because it will just get fixed when they go in to reconnect her bowels. She really needs to get that done soon. She lost another 5 grams today. The nurse said that her stool was pretty liquid, again meaning she needs to get hooked back up. The nurse also said she was getting pretty hot in her isolet, so she's going to try her again in a big girl bed. We'll see if she gets to stay in it this time.

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