Thursday, October 28, 2010


Thank you so much for praying for our girl. Her surgery went well and they don't expect her to have any problems. There was a stricture where there had been some damaged bowel and when it healed it closed shut. The surgeon had to make an incision there but he did not have to remove any bowel at that spot. He made the incision vertically but sewed it back horizontally to widen up the area. There was also an ulcer just up from the stoma. The plan had always been for the surgeon to remove just a little bit more from each end of the bowels so that he would have fresh ends to sew together. So when he saw the ulcer, he just removed a little bit more. He seemed pleased with how surgery went. The nurse practitioner was saying today that she can probably be home by Thanksgiving. She will need to go back 10-14 days after discharge to follow up with the surgeon. Please continue to pray for her healing and for things to go well when they start to re-introduce her feeds (5-7 days from now).

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  1. Praying for God to lay his healing hands upon your precious baby girl.