Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Getting Ready

Hope is scheduled for surgery to reconnect her bowels on Thursday at noon. Please be praying for her as she goes in. This is our last big hurdle before we can go home. Please pray that it goes smoothly and that she bounces back quickly.

Other tidbits.... Hope had a blood transfusion today. They had wanted to avoid that because they think her funky numbers were due to all the transfusions she's had. She was anemic, but her bone marrow was starting to work and they were hoping her body would take care of it given enough time. However, now that she's scheduled for surgery they decided she didn't have the time. Along with the transfusion, they gave her Lasix to help her pee off the excess fluid. It must have worked because she lost 45 grams. She also had her barium enema today and that apparently went well. She slept through it, so what more can you hope for? We haven't heard any results yet, but the nurse assured me that "No news is good news."

I came home today so that I could take the kids for their flu shots. I gave them all suckers to suck while they were getting their shots. I decided to try this since this is what they do for the babies in the NICU and they say it's proven to work. (They don't give suckers exactly, but sugar in some form.) I don't know if it was because of that, but no one cried.....not even Andy. He did look at the nurse and say, "Ow." So that went pretty well. Tomorrow I will take Mary up to spend some one-on-one time and Mike will follow with the boys on Thursday. The kids are looking forward to seeing their little sister since it's been about 6 or 7 weeks. Please pray that God keeps everyone well. Thanks!

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  1. The last big hurdle? How exciting!!! Praying for Hope that all goes well. :)