Saturday, October 2, 2010

quick note

Hope had another good day. She is down to 1/2 liter on the nasal cannula. They tried to take her off, but she wasn't quite ready. Hopefully soon there won't be anything on her face. She also gained half an ounce. She is now 1670 grams. Once she hits 1800 she can go to a regular crib. They start feeding her tomorrow, though it won't be very much. They're going to start with 1 ml every 8 hours just to get her tummy ready for food. Please pray that this goes well and she can take off quickly with her feeds. Also, would you please pray for Elizabeth tonight? She is another mom of a micropreemie. As I was leaving tonight, she looked really down but I couldn't get her to talk about it. I'm not sure what she's going through exactly, but I know that this is really, really hard in so many ways. I'd appreciate if you would lift her up. Thanks.

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  1. I just prayed for Elizabeth. Even though I've never met her and I've never had a micropreemie, I know about being down in the dumps, my heart really went out to her in a huge way. I even hurt a little for her. Please let her know I'm praying for her.