Friday, October 1, 2010

Growing Up

Hope is getting to be a big girl. She is off of the high-flow and onto the regular cannula. Next step...all on her own! She is 11 weeks old now, 35 weeks gestation. She is up to 3 lbs 10.4 oz as of tonight. Yay!

I thought I'd include a shot of what her belly looks like, so that you know what we're dealing with. Keep in mind that the photo doesn't do it justice. It is pretty gross.

Igot to the hospital today around 9:30. I walked into Hope's room and cracked up. The Screamer was in her bouncy seat in front of a TV. Me thinks the nurses were feeling a bit desperate. It really wasn't that bad today though. The nurses got to her pretty quick whenever she started crying and several of them took turns holding her. Hope and I were having such a nice time that we wouldn't have cared anyways. First, we did kangaroo care for an hour. Then this afternoon I held her and rocked in the rocking chair for 2 hours. What fun! For the most part our life has been really hard lately. But today I was enjoying being able to sit and hold my little bug without any distractions. I know once we get home the 2 hour rocking sessions will be impossible to squeeze in with 4 other kids to care for. So for today, I just enjoyed myself.

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  1. Yes, enjoy those moments! I've been reading a book about that very kind of thing, about how important those "non-productive" moments are to God. Our culture doesn't value that as much as it should.