Thursday, July 29, 2010

Were in

Hey guys , we have now moved in and are loving it . The move has tired Amy out but she is happy to be here and so are the kids. Here is the latest on Hope, we talked to the doctor this morning and it wasn't the best news . It seems to be very easy to slip into a negative attitude when we hear "bad news", we need to constantly remind ourselves that God is in control and we are not. His plans are perfect and we have to yield to Him. Anyway about Hope her infection is better but the new concern is her bowls they are still dilated and the doctors are getting concerned . The problem is the bowl could have been compromised or it or have a small injury to it , they said this could be serious and my result in a surgery . The next course of action is to wait and see , they want to give her a chance to heal on her own. So if you can please pray that the bowls would start to work and she could eat , also that Amy would not feel guilt and start second guessing all of our past decisions..Thanks for your prayers Love Mike

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