Sunday, July 18, 2010


Hey all here is the latest on Hope. Amy and I just left her and she has dropped 2oz which is to expected and is not worrisome , the doctor came and told us he has been a little stingy with the fluids but they have bumped them up and he is happy with her performance. Tomorrow Hope goes or they come to her I should say to give her x-rays and a ultrasound of her brain to look for bleeding, so if you would please continue keep her in your prayers. As for Amy she is doing great feeling the need to show how much of a overachiever she is , she is walking the halls with the aid of her wheel chair. I would like to thank all of you for your thoughts and prayers , and for all the folks that have made the trip up to see us we are so happy to share this wonderful miracle with you..


  1. Woo Hoooooo!!! God is SO good! I would have liked to come again today to see you but we ended up doing a lot of work at the Cabin and we were tuckered out. I hope to get up this week again because I really, really, really want to meet Hope. It's so unfair that I have not gotten to say hello yet. Need to fix that soon. Until then, we're still praying hard and believing God for Hope and Amy to have continued excellent health. It's so fun to tell the story of what God did and is still doing. God bless you tons and tons! Erin

  2. Congratulations on a beautiful little girl. What a blessing to have another daughter. We are praying and look forward to getting to meet little Hope next time we are in town. God is so amazing ... its like it was all in His plan!!

  3. Mike and Amy -- I don't know you but Sheri Anglen was sharing your story with me. Our God is god of the impossible! I know He delights in bringing glory to Himself and He's choosing to do that through your daughter! Thank you for your faithfulness to share Him with those He's putting in your path! I am praying continually with you and for you for strength, comfort and healing! Let's watch Him work!!