Friday, July 30, 2010

A good report

Just got off the phone with Hope's doctor (Dr. Barsoti). Hope had a good night. The blood culture came back negative, meaning it looks like she's knocking down the infection. The doctor wants to watch it and make sure. She pooped again last night and was looking much less distended. When they x-rayed her bowels this morning they looked better. Again, the doctor wants to watch it to make sure. Thank you, Lord! Now the concern is getting her off the ventilator. Dr. Barsotti is thinking we might need to do surgery to close the valve. Dr. Gretebek told us yesterday that she thinks it might be more of a lung problem which would require a certain type of steroid. This steroid can only be used at low doses for short periods because it can impede brain growth and cause cerebral palsy. So the doctor is going to watch her over the weekend and try to decide which it is - a lung problem or a valve problem. But before getting off the phone he said, "You know, we might be able to ween her off of the vent. I'm going to check her blood gases again and see if we can lower it." If they can ween her off, she won't need surgery or steroids. This is what we're going to ask everyone to pray for next. I told the doctor we had people all over the country praying for this girl. We'd put out the word and see what happens. Thank you all for praying.

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  1. We are definitely praying and we also know that God is in control! God's plans are not thwarted by man. We are also praying for both of you to stay strong in this time of trusting God and leaning on friends. Thanks for sharing your journey so transparently - you both have truly been a blessing to us. We are looking forward to Hope's 'freedom' and hearing about the joy's of kangaroo time!