Monday, July 26, 2010

So Hope is 10 days old today. Yay! She had a pretty good day today. Her infection was a little better this morning, but the doctor decided to take out her pic line anyways and put in a small peripheral IV. This went fine. She was up to 1 lb. 7 oz. when I talked to the nurse a few minutes ago. The nurse said this is probably just fluid and she anticipates that it will be peed out. Still, it makes me feel better when she’s not dropping in her weight. The nurse said she’s on nice, low ventilator settings. The only thing that the doctor described as worrisome is the gas in her bowels. Please pray with us that this resolves and they give us a good report tomorrow morning. Until this is better, they don’t intend to start her on feedings. Until they start her on feedings, she won’t start gaining weight. Obviously we want this little squirt to chunk up as fast as possible so we can bring her home.

Mike has been feeling better and has started visiting Hope again. He took this video of her last night and it made me so happy to see her again. Isn’t she just the prettiest little thing? I can’t wait to get in to see her again.

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  1. She is absolutely adorable. We are continuing to pray for her and your family!!