Wednesday, July 28, 2010

We're so proud

Mike already updated on Hope, so I won't spend much time on that. Let me just say, though, never have I been so excited by one of my children's bowel movements. :) She also is sitting at 1 lb. 12 oz. right now. That is just fluid, but it is still exciting to me that she is almost 2 lbs. Other than that, she is stable and not many other changes. But we are thankful for all God is doing with her.

Now for our other children.... they are getting a little too familiar/bored around the hospital. They've found a total of 60 cents under the vending machines. We just pretend we don't know whose children they are. I also wanted to tell you about their prayers for Hope last night. We thought they understood most of what was going on, but apparently not. They all prayed for her "vowels" last night. Amen. And her consonants too.


  1. Hi Mike and Amy,
    Love seeing your updates and we are continuing to pray for your little miracle! Don't know if you have heard of Caring Bridge, but it is an excellent website to do exactly what you are doing on here, the only difference is whenever you make an update it sends an email to all your followers. I used it when John was ill and it is awesome. Check it out at Love you guys Diedre and John

  2. Praying for vowels and consonants here too... I think. ;) God bless!

  3. Found this today and thought of you.

    ‎"The reason some people are never used by God is that they have never been through anything. God gets his best sailors from the roughest seas and his fiercest soldiers from the toughest battles. God can use what you have experienced to bless others."-Jentezen Franklin