Wednesday, July 21, 2010

hey everyone. Here is the latest on Hope and Amy. Hope had to get a pic line today, which is an iv in her arm and the line runs all the way to just above her heart. That was a little scary , the nurse called just before 4 her care time and said we should not come up ( which makes your heart stop ) but they said this is a good thing they will be able to give her "stuff" more effectively. A little while later I was able to go see her and she looked fine . Today the kids came up , I went down this morning a brought them up it was so good to see them , we do miss them so much. It was great to take them into see Hope , they seem to cope so well . They do make me proud, here are some pics and video of them. Amy had a bit of a scare tonight while she was up with Hope her heart rate dropped as well as her other vitals. The nurse told her she was going to be fine, but its still hard for her to watch. We had a good talk tonight when I got back from taking the kids home and we just need to commit her to the Lord every day, for He is in control and we need to constantly remind are self's of that!

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  1. I am so glad the kids got to see Hope and AMY!!! The first video I wasnt able to watch, it didnt work for me. Assuming it was Gabe with Hope. I have forwarded your blog on to my work family and my family to be added to prayer lists. You have many people praying for you so you just keep up the great job and n
    know that Hope is in the best place she can be, being monitored and receiving the care she needs and the prayers. We love you all!