Monday, July 19, 2010

Deep Thoughts with Mike( thats from SNL )

Here are some thoughts: Its 5:30 am it’s been a cold night, with this thin cover I have. Maybe that why I’m awake but I keep writing letters in my head, that feels so strange to me. I Feel the Lord is really changing me through this. Here are some of the ways I have seen GODs hand at work, foremost the life of Hope of Course but she is just the tip of the iceberg. I think some people give lip service to the miracle and say wow “that’s a miracle” but let me tell you it was and is an ongoing miracle. I feel I need to keep telling people this was a real one this does not happen, GOD came down that night and worked something out side of the norm. I know people will try to give us reasons why this happened , like when a baby is in stress there body’s speedup there maturity and that may have been the case but I don’t think so. GOD did this that’s why.

Another thing I’m amazed at is the power of prayer. I know people all over were praying but I keep hearing new stories. My favorite still is what was happing right outside the recovery room. The next day after Hope was put in the NICU we met our new nurse for the day Dot. Come to find out she had been upstairs that night and told us about how great it was to see people all over the halls praying, and how the nurses were talking about it, and she was able to say ”see prayer works”. It is so cool to be able to talk to her now about it.

We met with some friends last night and just rejoiced together over all that has been happening. We were talking about how this might be changing people around us, I really hope so. I hope this is going to be a church changing thing, I am now closer to some people than I ever thought that I would be. I have heard some stories about how some churches have had kids like this and how they have become the “church's kid” I hope this is going to be the case. But if it doesn’t that’s ok to I know now more than ever before that GOD is in control and He most definitely has a plan. The more I think on it Hope is the perfect name for this little girl. Later Mike


  1. Your baby is a reflection of God and His mercy, and I'm praying for your whole family. (I found your blog and story via a friend's blog)

    God Bless,


  2. I posted hope's story and linked here... that is how Andrea read your story. :) It's hard to stop sharing what God has done. I think you're right that God is changing us. He has sent us a clear message that HE is in control, but also how much He loves us and cares. I feel like Hope IS a part of our family, like you said with the "church baby" because we have prayed and cried and loved her so much already. This has been a faith-building experience, for sure.

  3. We love you, Mike, and rejoice with you in all God is doing in the situation, and in you personally. Thank you for sharing so transparently. I'm sending your blog to all on our email list who will care and who will pray, and also, who will Rejoice with you!! Hugs, Rob and Cheri

  4. All of us at Alpha Pregnancy Center are praying for baby Hope and thank you for your testimony of LIFE! God is going to use you greatly in this situation and lives will be changed for His glory! We love you guys Diedre Eckle

  5. You are continually in my thoughts and prayers. She truly is a miracle and that is no doubt!!