Monday, July 19, 2010

We like poop around here

Sorry I haven't made a post until now but we have been waiting for the doctor to give us the official results from Hope's ultrasound, but we still haven't heard anything official . So here is what we heard from the nurse this morning , she said the tech didn't see anything unusual. GOD is great!
Here is the latest on Amy it looks like they are going to keep her another day because she has what might be a infection in her varicose vain, this happened with Andy also . They have put her on iv antibiotics and she could still use the rest,so it looks like she will be released on Wednesday. Amy was able to make some trips up to spend some time with Hope and I have become the milk man. My new routine is to wash the breast pump parts get Amy setup get the milk out of the bottle with a 1cc syringe , then label them date and time then run them to the NICU to be put in the freezer , then come back and wash and dry everything and then its about time to start over ( sorry I know this is a run on sentence) but I love it. Also today while Amy was sleeping I got to help with Hope's care , I rubbed her down with her cream and just got to talk to her she is amazing. So while Amy's is stuck in bed with yet another IV I made a short video...God bless have a good night PS sorry I have been trying to upload this video for over an hour


  1. Dear Mike and Amy,
    Thank you so much for sharing Hope with all of us!
    She is so beautiful. We pray for you all daily and share your amazing miracle of God with everyone we can. Steve and Sandy

  2. Thanks for the updated, I am so glad to be able to be a part of all that is happening. Praying for you all...Sheri