Saturday, July 31, 2010

A mixed report

Talked to Hope's doctor again this morning. He had good news and bad. For the good..... for the second day in a row her blood culture has come back negative. This means she is most likely kicking the infection. He wants to watch for one more day to be sure. Also, the ultrasound of her head looks good. There is no bleeding. They keep telling us she is stable. Now for the not so good - she had blood in her stool and her bowels are enlarged again. The tube they have down there to suck air out of her stomach had become dislodged and was up in her esophagus. They were going to fix that and see if it helped get the gas out of there. As for the blood, they don't know if that means there is infection there, so they are starting her on more antibiotics to be on the safe side. She was not able to come down at all on the ventilator, which makes him want to revisit the whole surgery vs. steroids argument come Monday. So we still have the weekend to pray that she is able to start weening off of the vent. Please pray also for her bowels - that the air gets out of there and there is no more blood. We should find out something about her bowels this afternoon as they are taking an x-ray at noon. We will try to post later and let you know.

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