Monday, November 15, 2010


This is me on my face asking God's forgiveness and thanking Him over and over. He was listening. He does care about my girl. We got a call from the surgeon this morning. Hope's xray from this morning looks fine. It is not dilated like before. He is not at all worried about how that section of colon looked on previous xrays. He is convinced that it is fine because he'd just done a barium enema before surgery and it was fine then and the enema is better for looking at the colon than this other dye study. So there is no surgery in her future, as far as we can tell. The surgeon has ordered her tube that sucks air from her tummy to be clamped. If she does okay after 4 hours of that he will have it pulled out. They will watch her for the rest of the day and if all goes well they will start feeding her tomorrow. (She'll be starting with pedialyte.)

As for Mary... she had a fever yesterday and today she woke with a croupy (?) cough. It was only there first thing and has not resurfaced since she took a shower. Her fever is gone also. But we took her in to the urgent care per suggestion of the NICU nurse to have her tested for RSV and whooping cough. She doesn't have either.

Thank you, thank you Jesus. And thank you to all our friends who have been praying, even when I wasn't convinced it worked.


  1. Praise the Lord! This is great news! Thank you for letting us know.

  2. All I can think of to say at this time is

    "AMEN and AMEN!!!" Our God reigns!

    I'm saying that with big tears in my eyes... of joy for sure! Thanks for posting this great news.
    Our prayers will continue for all of you.

  3. Praise the Lord!!! The Lord even listens when we doubt and when we are just plain mad and screaming at Him in anger. I love ya'll so very much and I've been praying that He reveal Himself to you-I hope you can see He was holding you the whole time. God bless ya'll and continue to show you His mighty hand in your lives.
    Much love and Prayers

  4. I wish there was a "like" button to click like facebook! THANK YOU LORD!!!