Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hope's condition

Hi all sorry its been so long between posts. So here is the latest on Hope , its hard to keep it all straight it seems to change every few minutes. OK her bowel xrays have gone from shes fine to there might be a new problem, but as of today they said she has a normal gas pattern YEY. The new big problem is her infection they have her on antibiotics , but we are not sure that it is not being caused by the blood transfusions she got on Sunday I think. As a result of the infection they have pulled her PIC line and were trying to just us the IV's for a little while, but the IV's wont last but maybe a day if that. So they are to give her a brovack or something like that because they cant get a PIC line there are no more spots left. OK a brovack ? is a surgical procedure were the install a catheter in her neck or leg they chose her leg, because she has some sort of fungal thing on her neck. She is going in for that at 5:30 pm today so please keep her in your prayers, we will post tonight to let you know how she does. I am sorry I know i am leaving so much out but I cant keep it straight. Also please pray for Amy and I this is and has been so hard..Thanks Love Mike

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