Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sweet Pea

Hope is doing great. I have been able to do kangaroo care with her for the past few days. She is getting to be more alert when we visit. I have been getting to help with her care time and am even improving on changing those wee little diapers. (She has moved up a size, though. I think these could probably reach her armpits it you didn't fold them over.) She is now getting shots 3 times per week to stimulate her bone marrow to grow red blood cells so that she won't get anemic and need any more transfusions. She also gets iron to help with anemia and caffeine to stimulate her breathing. A dietician sees her once a week and makes recommendations for which formula should be added to her breastmilk. They try to add in some extra calories and calcium. She also got a bigger nasal canulla today. She's growing. She's also growing lots of hair. You might even say she has fur on her shoulders. Good thing it will be cold weather when we get her home and we can dress her in long sleeves! :) I just got off the phone with her nurse and she gained 50 grams today. She's up to 2 lbs 11 oz. Yay! Thanks again for all your prayers for her.

Could I ask you all to pray for me too? Even though Hope has been doing so well, I am really having a hard time. I have been so worried and anxious about getting sick that I haven't been wanting to visit the NICU. Mike and my mom have been having to make me go in and see my baby. Each time I go I sit and worry that I'm going to come down with something and I will have exposed Hope. Please pray that God will be merciful and keep illness far from our family. Pray that I will feel good and also that I will have peace and be free from these anxious thoughts. I've been hesitant to blog about this, but I feel desperate enough that I'm willing to beg for your prayers on this. Thank you for lifting me up.


  1. Absolutely praying for both Hope and for you! I'm glad Hope is doing so great. She sure looks like one of the gang, cute little blondie!

  2. Amy,
    We love you and are praying for you all! Love, Matt & Kim