Saturday, September 25, 2010

Rough Day

Mike finished his training in Spokane and went home yesterday afternoon. I was supposed to follow this morning after stopping by to visit Hope. However, Mary got sick with a cold so we decided I'd better stay up here. So last night was pretty lonely. Then I got a call this morning just after 7. Wallace, one of our cats, had died. He had seemed fine last night, but they found him dead on the floor this morning. It was kind of hard to get the story because the kids were sobbing so hard. They buried him in the backyard. Add to all this the fact that Andy also woke with a cold, and Mike was having a great day. He decided to take the kids for a long walk to help them cheer up. I, meanwhile, headed to the hospital to visit Hope. When I got there Dr. Egger was waiting to talk to me. Hope had more blood in her diaper and in her ostomy bag. The doctor didn't seem too worried, but I was pretty scared. He suspected that she was having clotting issues because her liver wasn't working well. I'm not terribly sure how it all works, but apparently the IV stuff is hard on her liver and the liver contributes to clotting somehow. So he ordered a shot of vitamin K. I went to the pump room and called Mike to share this new concern with him. He was having troubles there too. Gabe had gotten sick while on the walk and was having diarrhea and they were trying to make it home. Aaagh! I went back to sit with Hope. They had already given her the vitamin k and were trying to draw blood to have some labs done. They couldn't get enough out of her arm, so they had to take it out of her head. I finally had to leave because it was taking a really long time and I couldn't watch anymore. Poor baby girl! But it turned out okay. When the nurse had done a heel prick earlier in the morning the blood had just kept oozing out. So the nurse explained that they were having a hard time getting this second blood draw because the blood kept clotting. This meant the vitamin k was working. Her bloodwork came back fine, which is great news. And each time they have done cares since then there hasn't been any blood in her diaper or her bag. Thank you so much, Lord! Gabe hasn't fared as well and has thrown up and has a fever. Please pray for all of our sick kids and for Mike, as he has his work cut out for him. Please continue praying for Hope too. I'm really wanting this to be the last of the bleeding problem. And continue to pray for her eyes. She will be getting checked on Mon or Tues. While your at it, would you ask that all goes well as they start back up her feedings either tomorrow or Monday? There is one last bit of good news. Hope is up to 1560 grams or 3 lbs. 7 oz. Yeah!

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  1. Hi Amy,
    I know you don't know me, I'm one of Jeni's friends, but I've been praying for Hope from the beginning. I've cried and rejoice with you through all her ups and downs. I just wanted to say that I love Hope's chubby little cheeks in this picture! God bless you! I'm praying for you too and now for your sick kiddos.