Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Our baby is wearing clothes! And she's more than just skin and bones now. Admittedly not much more, but look at those legs and cheeks. There's a little something there now. And I'd like to point out that she has nothing hooked up to her arms now. She still has 1 IV in her foot, but that's it. She will be up to full feeds withing the next couple of days, which means no more IV fluids. The line can't come out quite yet though since she is still getting hydrocortisone through it. The doctor didn't think she'd be off of that in the next week, but it won't be too long. The opthamologist looked at her yesterday. Her eyes are immature, but they didn't see anything wrong. They will check her again in a couple of weeks. The doctor told me that if they suspected something was wrong they would be checking more often than that. So praise the Lord! She continues to gain weight. And yes, she is 2 lbs 7 oz not 1 lb 7 oz. Ooops! They only weigh her once per day at the 8 pm care time. I'll try to update tonight after her new weight comes in. The only other thing to say is that she has been pooping well without glycerin. Good girl!


  1. So glad to hear she is doing so well. Love the outfit!! We will continue to pray!

  2. Still praying for ya'll every day. I keep tabs seeing all the miracles the Lord is doing for ya'll-Amazing! God bless you and make your baby grow.

  3. This is the CUTEST picture ever!!!! I love it. I just enlarged it and kept looking at her. She is such a precious little miracle. Please take more pictures! Love to all of you!!!