Wednesday, September 22, 2010

a much better day

Hope had a much better day today. When Carla and I got there to see her, she was ready to be social. She stayed awake for about an hour just looking up at us. It was really cool. She looked a little pitiful still since she is retaining so much fluid, as evidenced by the picture with her double chins. Before all this her weight had gotten up to just over 3 lbs. She's weighing in now at 4. A lot of this is going to be peed out, but I'm curious to see how much.It was nice to see her alert and not seeming like she was in so much pain. We had some more good news this afternoon when the opthamologist came to look at her eyes. They are not at a point where she wants to do surgery yet. It looks like she won't get checked again until early next week. We're really asking God to have this clear up on its own and not need surgery at all.


  1. I'm so glad to hear she's doing better.
    Mary Jean

  2. What a blessing and Praise the Lord!!! We are still praying for her continued recovery and health. God bless you and grant you peace as you place her, every day, into His loving care and may He return her to you, so that she may be a testament of God's healing Power. To God be the Glory. Amen!
    Much love and prayer

  3. What good news! I'm am so happy to hear that she seems to be recovering well and her eyes don't need surgery right away. I'll be praying that they will never need surgery. Every day is a new day, hang in there and know that you're all loved and prayed for.