Friday, January 14, 2011

The Belly

well Hope is doing good except for her belly, it has gone back up to 45cm this afternoon. We sent out a pray request that the gas buildup in he intestines would go down . About 6:30pm I met with the doctor and he decided to give her a suppository and to take her NG tube and just let it vent with out it being hooked up the suction machine. They also said they might try a tube in her rectum to help her vent. Just a side note I am sure that when Hope is older and reads this she will love that we told this stuff to the world. OK so when we unplugged the suction we could hear the air coming out of the tube and when I left she was 42.5cm. So please pray that was the solution to the problem and she will start to improve , her belly is the only thing holding her back from getting off the vent...Thanks Mike


  1. Praying. Thanks for the updates and the pictures.

  2. Thanks for the update Mike... and I love your sense of humor. Recording all of this is similar to all the cute naked pics people like to take of their kids. But, won't it be wonderful to be able to share with Hope through this means just what a miracle of God she is? We know this is just the beginning of many eventful times in this little girl's life. Praying that things will stop being quite as eventful soon, and your family can settle down to something more like routine and boring. Still keeping you, Amy, Hope and the other children in our prayers. Bill and Betty Raiford