Friday, April 15, 2011

Not two days ago I was talking to Mike about how I didn't think Hope was going to be ready to start food this next month. She has an appointment with her GI doc on the 16th of May and we are supposed to start rice cereal the week before. I was thinking that there was no way she'd be up to it. She's just too little and completely uninterested in table food. But tonight we had our Egyptian meal to finish off our unit on ancient Egypt. I was holding her on my lap and looked down to realize that she'd swiped my pita off of my plate. She was gumming it for all she was worth. Then she got handed off to Grandma who decided she was up for trying some of the sugar water from our fruit mixture. Oh my goodness, was she excited about that! She's getting to be such a big girl.

She's done with the RSV, thankfully, as you probably guessed from the pictures with no cannula. She even went all night without oxygen the other night. How exciting is that?! (Of course, she hasn't been able to repeat it, but we'll get there soon.) She continues to be a happy, mellow girl who is so sweet. She even gives kisses now. Well, technically she just licks your face if she can get close enough, but it's still very sweet.


  1. Oh, she's absolutely precious! I was just amazed by that video! She's changed so much! What an incredible little girl! I can't wait until she's healthy enough for me to hold her at church! She's just beautiful!

  2. Thanks for the update! I've been wondering how your clan was doing... apparently you're in Egypt while we've been in Ireland. :) I'll give you a call pretty soon... or a germ-free email.

  3. What a beautiful sight! I'm so thankful to see her doing so well!

    God Bless!