Friday, February 11, 2011

Appointment Summary

Hope had 3 appointments on Wednesday. She saw her GI doc, the urologist, and the opthamologist.

Hope's GI doc was very pleased with her weight gain. She was up to 8 lbs 12 oz. This was up 7 oz from her discharge weight 5 days earlier. She is doing well on the Elecare, but I was cleared to add in a couple of nursings per day, so I've started that. We will see how she does on this combo. If it works, I'll be very happy and feel like we've reached a good compromise. We go back to see the GI guy on the 28th. If all is well and she is continuing to gain weight, he will have her broviac removed. I'll be so excited to finally be able to give my 7 month old a bath!

Hope's appt with the urologist also went well. She has a grade 2.5 - 3 reflux with one of her kidneys. She has about a 60% chance of outgrowing this. We will continue with the daily low-dose antibiotic for now. She has another ultrasound in 6 months and another dye study in December.

The last appt of the day was to have her eyes checked. The doctor was very pleased with how they looked. She was not worried yet about her propensity to cross her eyes. She said that as long as it was not all the time and she was able to self-correct, she was just going to consider it "baby eyes". Good. She did remark that she didn't think Hope was as near-sighted as most babies. This leads her to believe that she may actually wind up far-sighted as she grows. She again reiterated that Hope will likely be one of those little kids that needs glasses.

We were pretty pleased with how things turned out. And I'm pretty excited that we might not be having as many doctor appts as I had anticipated. Life might even start seeming pretty normal. Keep in mind that "normal" with 5 kids is going to be pretty busy, so don't expect posts to be very frequent anymore. We will try to update periodically, but I'm not finding a lot of time to be on the computer at this point. Thanks for continuing to keep us in your prayers.


  1. Such a darling picture! Praise the Lord for the good news!

  2. She looks so good now!
    I subscribe to a weekly newsletter that has recipes, poems and music (with an added bonus of old Burma Shave signs) on it. This morning's newsletter has a song on it that made me think of you and of Hope. It's one of my (many) old favorites. As I listened this morning, I thought "yes, baby Hope has been whispering to me for the past few months, and I have learned so much from watching that little girl's progress." I'm sending you the URL so you can go listen to it too if you'd like to.


  3. This is the first time I've seen her without tubes stuck all over her! This makes me happy. She is a tough little girl. So proud of her. *m

  4. Awesome. Praise the Lord!!!
    God bless ya'll

  5. I've been following Hope's progress since she was born.. I talked to Mom on sideline's message boards during pregnancy, as I was also another high risk preemie mama (my newest guy was delivered at 31 weeks due to a complete abruption after battling preterm labor and spending 10 weeks on hospital bedrest and magnesium sulfate.

    Just wanted to comment on the glasses. My 2 yo (a 32 weeker) has had glasses since 14 months. Honestly glasses on a little tyke are cute as can be.. if she does need glasses I HIGHLY reccomend Miraflex.. pricy but indestructable and above all COMFY for baby! We went through 14 pair of glasses before we found Miraflex. We've now had our Miraflex glasses for about 5 months and they truly are indestructable and my son loves them :)